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We live in the drought states. Since the dawn of the era of Water Shares we have continuously extracted water at an ever expanding rate. We know it's unsustainable. In fact, we've known since the very inception of the creation of the Water Share laws. Though laws differ from state to state, a few things do not.


One. More shares were created then water was available. Unsustainability was purposfully and knowingly built into our western water laws.


Two. We are so desperate for water we are extracting it from the ground. Depleting even the water that can be found in stone. We are literally squeezing water from stone.


Yet we continue to promote an archaic system that was designed with failure in mind from the beginning. This alabaster is formed from the evaporation of water, and the shape and material represents the disaster that will come as we race towards eliminating our water reserves buried beneath us as we drain the water that is left in the stone below.


This stone is made from Orange Utah Alabaster and was harvested from the depths of the earth from a Mine near Ceader city.  The wood burl was brought down from the Uintah Mountains and is encased in resin.  This is made to be outside and is an excellent addition to any garden or outdoor display.

Water from Stone

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