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Sailors in the past were too poor to afford their own time pieces.  They relied on bells and hourglasses to tell time.  At the end of a watch, eight bells would ring out and the sailor was relieved.  This came to mark the passing of a sailor’s life from this life of weathered watching to the dark peace of the forever sea.


This sculpture builds off that maritime tradition, combining it with the modern tradition of using graffiti as a form of protest, to strike a dichotomy of ethics where we are willing to spend millions of dollars to save billionaires, we already knew were dead (Titan), yet we shirk our duties to the migrants who die by the hundreds at sea.  Such as the actions of the Greek Coast Guard around the same time during June 2023, that took the lives of 500 at sea.  The standard for rescue, if you are poor like the migrants, is only 72 hours.  Yet multiple nations answered a longer call for those billionaires.  What a sharp contrast to the actions of the authorities against migrants that not only caused a disaster, killing all women and children onboard, but resulted in a shorter, less intense rescue though more lives were at stake.


These bells ring out for the poor who die daily at sea, calling back to a time when they rang out for poor seafarers, who could not afford a watch, and were buried by those same bells.

Eight Bells Ring Out

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  • This beautiful stone sculpture, "Eight Bells Ring Out," is a perfect way to remember the places we have visited and the people we have encountered along the way. Crafted from fractured Utah white marble stone, it features a sail with Graffiti word BELL in blue, purple, and fuchsia on a foundry iron and brick base. The graffiti sculpture represents the memories of places visited, the people encountered, and those left behind. It is truly a work of art by Utah Fine Artist Sculptor Byron Ramos.

    This is Missisipian Marble found in the Uintah Mountains.

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