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Stone is unyielding. Or maybe I just lack the skill, but I break all my sculptures. I Frequently Fail. In Army Special Forces. There were several times I faced my own mortality and the mortality of others because of failures. But you learn something when you’re falling from the sky, or isolated in the monstrous waves of the ocean. Alone. Never give up. Never surrender. Never quit. Live. And that, is how you deal with failure.


This sculpture is about failure. It was broken multiple times. It’s not what it should have been, but it’s what happens after not giving up. In tradition, I leave you with a shanty about a ship. She failed in what she was supposed to do, but she never gave up and went on to do much more, the RMS Olympic.


“She’s the pride of the White Star Line May her engines never stall Her Sisters died from 'berg and mine But She’ll run for decades more She’ll run for decades more”

-The Longest Johns


The sculpture, titled either Art of Failure or Pride of the White Star Line, is an aspirational piece that captures the feeling of adventure, ambition, and hope. Crafted from white marble, driftwood, and brick, this piece by Utah Fine Artist Sculptor Byron Ramos is sure to be the centerpiece of any room. The intricate details and beautiful combination of materials will capture the eye of admirers. With its intricate details and stunning craftsmanship, this sculpture is sure to bring a classic and timeless touch to any space. This breathtaking sculpture is sure to be a lasting reminder of the power and tragedy of the White Star Line.

Art of Failure or Pride of the White Star Line

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  • This Utah marble is from a vein located in the Uintahs.

    Stone white marble sculpture sail on driftwood and brick by Utah Fine Artist Sculptor Byron Ramos

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