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The U.S.S. Walsh, is a unique stone sail that memorializes the selfless sacrifice of Patrick Joseph Walsh. On the night of 12 September 1942, Walsh heroically gave his life while protecting his ship, the Patrick J. Hurley, from a German submarine U-512 that had stealthily surfaced and opened fire. This stone sail is a powerful reminder of Walsh's courage and bravery and will be a fitting tribute to his memory. This sail is a unique tribute to the courage and sacrifice of our servicemen and women. The sail is made with a brick found by the artist, inscribed with Walsh, and is carved from alabaster.

U.S.S. Walsh

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  • This is made from found materials from a city that was in Utah that was destroyed and no longer exists, except on old maps.

    Red alabaster sculpture sail with foundry brick base by Utah Fine Artist Sculptor Byron Ramos

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