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I was in the 35 x 35 Artists of Utah Show (Zillenial Edition)

I was invited to be in the Finch Lane Gallery for their 35 Artists under 35 Zillenial Edition Show. They even did a writeup for me!

Here is the article in case the link doesn't work:

Byron Ramos at 35×35

Before he became an artist, Byron Ramos served in the Army’s Special Forces, in a unit designed to be dropped behind enemy lines and establish bases of operation that would not be resupplied. He is used to taking chances, salvaging materials, thinking creatively, finding light in moments of darkness.

This is evident in “Hope is Found,” one of his “Stone Sail” sculptures. The sculpture is built on a base that rotates 360 degrees, allowing the artist to move the work to reveal new viewpoints.  “Often, we have to look for hope. Hope will fill our sails, takes us to our next objective, or to places unknown like a wild wind,” the artist says. “We often have to dig deep to find it. This stone sail is made from stone found deep in an abandoned mountain mine. The wood from an abandoned train depot. Find hope.”

Artists of Utah’s 35×35Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City, through Feb. 23

They also posted my Bio!:


Articles about the show:

About Finch Lane:

Thank you so much to Finch Lane. 15 Bytes, and the Salt Lake City Arts Council!

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